2210 Fashion is an ecommerce platform and social enterprise that supports emerging designers - and in the long run will set up a £15m bricks-and-mortar institution to support the next generation of fashion, film and technology talent through education, bursaries and scholarships.

The project was launched in 2012 - and since then has been named in the Evening Standard's top new online boutiques, Tech City's top five fashion trendsetters and the Evening Standard's Silicon 60.

We've previously supported the next generation of talent through selling them online and initiatives - including partnerships with a top supermodel TV show, London College of Fashion and a major model agency.

We also supported the entrepreneurial community through events under the 2210 Entrepreneur label - the hugely successful How to Fund Your Digital Startup and spin-off Global Rise of Fashion Technology that was selected from 3,300 applications to appear at SXSW in Austin, Texas in 2015.

After taking a hiatus in 2016 - we relaunched in 2018 as a social enterprise with the following mission:

Phase 1

-  Selling designers effectively online, securing marketing investment to achieve ROI

- Being "THE" online platform for designer/fashion expert-led tutorials. Harnessing our fashion contacts and designers to provide subscription-based online tutorials and information for foreign-based fashion students - particularly those in China

- Relaunching our hugely successful How to Fund Your Digital Startup and SXSW-selected Global Rise of Fashion Technology events

- Education courses for international students visiting the UK, curated with the UK’s top fashion lecturers

- Helping designers to sell in foreign territories through exclusive contracts with our fashion contacts

Phase 2

- Raising £15m social enterprise funding, and setting up a "bricks-and-mortar" institute where foreign fashion design students can come to the UK to learn from UK experts. Simultaneously, UK fashion talent can be nurtured there

-  We will help organise fashion shows in foreign lands, including China and South Korea, featuring British talent

- Organise marquee events/conferences based around fashion and tech